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The ‘baseline-shift’ property allows repositioning of the dominant-baseline( a baseline-table and a baseline-table font-size which are those of the nearest block-level ancestor element and are applied to its root inline box.) relative to the dominant-baseline.

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Name: baseline-shift Value: baseline

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The baseline-shift property allows repositioning of the dominant baseline relative to the dominant baseline of the parent text content element. The shifted object might be a subscript or superscript. Within the shifted object, the whole baseline table is offset; not just a single baseline. The amount of the shift is determined by one of the following:

  • the parent text content element
  • the subscript or superscript offset from the nominal font of the parent text content element
  • the percent of the line-height of the parent text content element
  • an absolute value.


baseline-shift: baseline | sub | super | percentage | length

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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 W3C Recommendation

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