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The thead element (<thead>) identifies header rows at the top of a table, usually containing column labels. It may contain one or more rows of <th> or <td> cells.

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DOM Interface HTMLTableSectionElement


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The following code example uses the thead' element and the table, tbody, td, and tr elements to create a table that includes the first row in the table header and the second row in the table body.


    <th scope="col">Player</th>
    <th scope="col">Position</th>
    <td>James, Lebron</td>
    <td>Wade, Dwayne</td>
    <td>Bosh, Chris</td>



Valid tags within the THEAD element include:

  • td * chances are should be a th not a td, and scope of column
  • th
  • tr

You can specify only one thead object specified for any given table object. The table object and its associated elements have a separate table object model, which uses different methods than the general object model.

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