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The following div example renders data in HTML format.

<div datafld="Column2" dataformatas="html"></div>

The following span example renders data in HTML format.

<span datasrc="#bank_acct" datafld="balance" dataformatas="html"></span>

The following textArea example renders data in text format.

<textarea datasrc="#customer" datafld="address" dataformatas="text" rows=6 COLS=60></textarea>



As of Windows Internet Explorer 7, the DATAFORMATAS attribute is no longer supported for the input type=button object. The dataFld property is not available on param objects; use getAttribute('dataFld') instead. Internet Explorer 5.01 or later honors the regional settings for the user's control panel when the DATAFORMATAS attribute is set to localized-text. Internet Explorer 5.01 or later performs a locale-dependent type conversion on the native value, instead of using the data source object to perform the conversion, when binding a textual element such as a span, div, or input to date, currency, or numeric data. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 does not provide this feature. To compensate for this limitation, a data source object can implement ISimpleDataConverter to participate in the conversion. Neither of these features is supported in earlier versions of Windows Internet Explorer.


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