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Webplatform Featuremap

This article is an experiment to build a map of the different features covered by the webplatform docs.


This featuremap aims to provide a feature centric structure, enabling users to find and discover new solutions to their (often) feature centric problems. The featuremap is a hierarchy of features that aim to guide users in the right direction for each step of the hierarchy. Consider that when building the map.

Problem examples:

  • I need to do some 3d
  • My site is too slow
  • I need to store some data for a session

Feature articles

Each feature in the hierarchy has the ability to be a parent node and an article.

Articles are typically found deeper in the structure and aims to describe the feature. A feature article typically spans multiple technologies (js,css,html) and multiple areas within one or more of these technologies.

Feature articles are placed under their respectable location in the featuremap:


Any of the features and subfeatures here can be an article.


  • Storage
    • Key-value
      • localStorage
      • sessionStorage
    • Database
      • IndexedDB
      • WebSQL (?)
  • Network
    • Ajax
  • Imaging
    • Displaying images
    • Manipulating Images
      • Transforming
      • Rotating
      • Scaling
    • Drawing
  • Video
  • 3D
    • WebGL


  • Add more usage examples (to make us think of how to build a good structure)
  • Expand map


  • Can I put some javascript & css in here to make a nice expandable featuremap?