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FileList is an object which represents an array of individually selected files from the underlying system.


API Name Summary
length length returns the number of files in the FileList object. If there are no files, this attribute must return 0.


API Name Summary
item item returns the indexth File object in the FileList. If there is no indexth File object in the FileList, then this method must return null.


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iterates over all the files selected by the user using an input element


// fileInput is an HTML input element: input type="file" id="myfileinput" multiple
var fileInput = document.getElementById("myfileinput");
// files is a FileList object (similar to NodeList)
var files = fileInput.files;
var file;
// loop trough files
for (var i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
    // get item
    file = files.item(i);
    file = files[i];

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