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HTML5 audio-video elements used for enhancing the Web page experience with audio backgrounds, music, videos, presentations, etc. Also see "Related articles" below.

API Name Summary
AudioTrack AudioTrack is an object representing an audio portion of a video element.
AudioTrackList An AudioTrackList object represents a dynamic list of zero or more audio tracks, of which zero or more can be enabled at a time. Each audio track is represented by an AudioTrack object.
TextTracks A media element can have a group of associated text tracks, known as the media element's "list of text tracks".
TextTrackCue A text track cue is the unit of time-sensitive data in a text track corresponding, for instance, for subtitles and captions to the text that appear at a particular time and disappear at another time.
TextTrackCueList A TextTrackCueList object represents a dynamically updating list of text track cues in a given order.
TextTrackList A TextTrackList object represents a dynamically updating list of text tracks in a given order.
TimeRanges A TimeRanges object represents the collection of ranges (time periods) from the media resource that have been buffered or played. Ranges in a TimeRanges collection are sequential and not empty. Adjacent ranges are combined together to create longer ones.
TrackEvent A TrackEvent object exposes (via its track attribute) the track to which an event relates.

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