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Welcome to Web Platform Docs


Web Platform Docs is a community-driven site that aims to become a comprehensive and authoritative source for web developer documentation.

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Beginners guide

This section provides a light introduction to client-side web technologies, for complete beginners.

General web concepts

General concepts is a home for documentation that isn't based around a particular subject from the other categories.


HTML is the main markup language of the Web, which we use to structure and give meaning to our web content.


CSS is the styling language of the Web, allowing us to style, layout and provide basic behaviour to web content.


Accessibility is the best practice of making sure web content is accessible to all, including those with disabilities such as visual and auditory impairments.


JavaScript is the web's client-side scripting language, allowing us to control and add complex dynamic behaviour to web content.


The DOM is the tree structure that browser turn web content into, which we can then manipulate using other technologies. This section covers DOM-related features.


SVG is an XML-based language that allows us to define, animate and style vector graphics.

Web Platform Docs features

Web Platform Docs is still in alpha, but you can already find lots of valuable content on the site, including:

  • How to use features of the open web, with syntax and examples
  • What platforms and devices you can use various technologies on
  • The current standardization, stability and implementation status of each technology specification

In the future, Web Platform Docs will include even more content for you to explore: live code examples, educators' resources and much more. To get there faster, we’d like to invite you to join us, and contribute your knowledge.

Contribute to Web Platform Docs

We’d love to have your help in improving Web Platform Docs. Even the slightest effort can have significant impact on the site; from alerting fellow developers about errors in our documentation, to fixing these errors, porting existing articles or even contributing completely new content. To learn more, please read our Getting Started Guide.

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Site Policies

The content on the Web Platform Docs wiki is available under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license, except where otherwise noted. For more details on our site policies, see our copyright and privacy policies, as well as our general policy page.