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Inherits from SVGElement


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Inherited from SVGElement


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Note: In addition to the attributes, properties, events, methods, and styles listed above, SVG elements also inherent core HTML attributes, properties, events, methods, and styles.

The following constants exist in group SVGException code:

  • SVGWrongTypeError

is raised when an object of the wrong type is passed to an operation.

Note: No operation is defined to raise an SVGException exception with this code in the SVG 1.1 Second Edition specification. The constant is defined for consistency with the 1.1 First Edition specification.

  • SVGInvalidValueError

is raised when an invalid value is passed to an operation or assigned to an attribute.

  • SVGMatrixNotInvertableError is raised when an application tries to invert a matrix that is not invertible.

Note: The unusual spelling of this constant is maintained for compatibility with existing content.

Standards information


The SVGException object has these methods:

  • toString: Returns a string that represents the current object.

The SVGException object has these properties:

  • code: Gets the exception code that is raised.
  • message: Gets a description of the exception that is raised.
  • name: Gets the exception name that is raised.



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