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SVG attributes

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SVG attributes


Attribute Listing (by Category)

Animation Event Attributes

These attributes are used to capture animation events.

onbegin onend onload onrepeat

Animation Attribute Target Attributes

attributeType attributeName

Animation Timing Attributes

begin dur end min max restart repeatCount repeatDur fill

Animation Value Attributes

calcMode values keyTimes keySplines from to by

Animation Addition Attributes

additive accumulate

Conditional Processing Attributes

requiredExtensions requiredFeatures systemLanguage

Core Attributes

These attributes can be specified on any SVG element.

id xml:base xml:lang xml:space

Document Event Attributes

These attributes are used to capture document events.

onabort onerror onresize onscroll onunload onzoom

Filter primitive Attributes

height result width x y

Graphical Event Attributes

These attributes are used to capture interaction events.

onactivate onclick onfocusin onfocusout onload onmousedown onmousemove onmouseout onmouseover onmouseup

Presentation Attributes

alignment-baseline baseline-shift clip clip-path clip-rule color color-interpolation color-interpolation-filters color-profile color-rendering cursor direction display dominant-baseline enable-background fill fill-opacity fill-rule filter flood-color flood-opacity font-family font-size font-size-adjust font-stretch font-style font-variant font-weight glyph-orientation-horizontal glyph-orientation-vertical image-rendering kerning letter-spacing lighting-color marker-end marker-mid marker-start mask opacity overflow pointer-events shape-rendering stop-color stop-opacity stroke stroke-dasharray stroke-dashoffset stroke-linecap stroke-linejoin stroke-miterlimit stroke-opacity stroke-width text-anchor text-decoration text-rendering unicode-bidi visibility word-spacing writing-mode

Transfer Function Attributes

type tableValues slope intercept amplitude exponent offset

XLink Attributes

These attributes can be used for cross-links ("x"-links).

xlink:actuate xlink:arcrole xlink:href xlink:role xlink:show xlink:title xlink:type