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An identifier, automatically generated by the early NeXT web editor.

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DOM Interface HTMLElement

For a history and description of this element, see Working NEXTID Tag Element Example by Griff Ruby.

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This element can be used only within the head element.     [ie_htmlref\ie:%20nextID object%20 RELEASE:%20(7/24/2012)&body=%0A%0APRIVACY STATEMENT%0A%0AThe doc team uses your feedback to improve the documentation. We don't use your email address for any other purpose. We'll remove your email address from our system after the issue that you are reporting is resolved. While we are working to resolve this issue, we may send you an email message to request more info about your feedback. After the issue is addressed, we may send you an email message to let you know that your feedback has been addressed.%0A%0AFor more info about Microsoft's privacy policy, see Send comments about this topic to Microsoft] Build date: 7/24/2012

Standards information


The nextID object has these types of members:

  • [#events Events]
  • [#methods Methods]
  • [#properties Properties]


The nextID object has these events. {



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