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The <ins> element represents a range of text that has been inserted (added) to a document.

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DOM Interface HTMLModElement


Besides the universal attributes the following attributes are supported:

The <cite> attribute may be used to specify the address of a document that explains the change. When that document is long, for instance the minutes of a meeting, authors are encouraged to include a fragment identifier pointing to the specific part of that document that discusses the change. If present, it must be a URL potentially surrounded by spaces that explains the change.
The <datetime> attribute may be used to specify the time and date of the change. If present, it must be a valid date string with optional time.


This example uses the <ins> element to specify text inserted into a document.


<ins datetime="1997-10-01T12:15:30-05:00">This text has been inserted.</ins>

View live exampleThis example uses <ins> and <del> elements to explain changes in a document


<p>I <del>am</del><ins>was</ins> on vacation in <del>France</del><ins>Italy</ins>.</p>
  <del>It is supposed to be sunny and hot.</del>
  <ins>It rained in France so we decided to go to Italy instead.</ins>

Typical browser default CSS properties for the <del> element.


display: inline;
text-decoration: underline;


For Internet Explorer 8 and later the value of the cite attribute depends on the current document compatibility mode.

Related specifications

Specification Status Related Changes
HTML 4.01 W3C Recommendation
HTML 5.1 W3C Editor's Draft



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