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W3C Recommendation


The figcaption (<figcaption>) defines a caption or legend for a figure element. This element is new in HTML5.

Overview Table

DOM Interface HTMLElement


As the first child of a figure element


  <figcaption>The Stata Center</figcaption>
  <img src="stata.jpg" alt="The Stata Center Building"/>


  <img src="stata.jpg" alt="The Stata Center Building">
  <figcaption>The Stata Center</figcaption>



The first figcaption element child of the figure element represents the caption of the figure element's contents. The figcaption element is rendered in place; to move the caption, place it as the first or the last child of the figure element. Note  If the figcaption content provides an adequate text alternative for the visual content in the image, the caption can be used as a text alternative for images in lieu of the alt attribute. Windows Internet Explorer 9. The figcaption element is only supported for webpages displayed in IE9 Standards mode. For more information, see Defining Document Compatibility.

Related specifications

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HTML 5.1 W3C Working Draft
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