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The address element (<address>) encloses contact information of the owner or the author of the document or the article.

Overview Table

DOM Interface HTMLElement
  • The address element must not be used to represent arbitrary addresses, unless those addresses are in fact the relevant contact information.
  • The address element must not contain information other than contact information.
  • Typically, the address element would be included along with other information in a footer element.


A page at the W3C Web site might include the following contact information

    <p><a href="">MIT</a></p>

Example of information that would be incorrect if placed inside an address element

<div>Last Modified: 1999/12/24 23:37:50</div>


Webkit (Safari, old Android and similar) and Trident (Internet Explorer) user agent default style -

address {
	font-style: italic;

Gecko (Firefox) user agent default style -

address, address[dir]{
         unicode-bidi: -moz-isolate;

Standards information

HTML information

Closing Tag required
CSS Display block


Related specifications

Specification Status Related Changes
HTML 5.1 W3C Working Draft
HTML 5 W3C Recommendation
HTML 4.01 W3C Recommendation


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