value (select, option element)

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value (select, option element)

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This example sets the value for each option element to a supply stock number.

function fnShowText(){
   /* Use the selectedIndex property of the SELECT control
   to retrieve the text from the options collection. */
   var sText = "Stock Number = " + oSel.options(oSel.selectedIndex).value;
<SELECT ID="oSel" onchange = "fnShowText()">
<OPTION VALUE="STK#45">Item One - Basketball</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="STK#347">Item Two - Baseball</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="STK#67">Item Three - Hockey Puck</OPTION>



Individual control objects return a value to the server only if they have been selected by the user. You may pass server-friendly data directly to the server without confusing the user. The user sees only the innerText displayed, and not the value.


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