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This article is Not Ready.

W3C Candidate Recommendation


Obsolete: unsupported.

This property determines whether or not a full-width punctuation mark character should be trimmed if it appears at the beginning of a line, so that its "ink" lines up with the first glyph in the line above and below.

Overview table

Initial value none
Applies to block-level and inline-block elements
Inherited Yes
Media visual
Computed value specified value (except for initial and inherit)
Animatable No
CSS Object Model Property


  • punctuation-trim: none
  • punctuation-trim: start


Leading punctuation is not trimmed.

Leading punctuation is trimmed.


 Use this property to trim the leading whitespace of a punctuation glyph when it is the first character on a line. Please see the images in the spec, which shows in a concise way what will happen.

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Specification Status Related Changes
CSS3 Text Module Obsolete (previously Candidate Recommendation)