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Method of css/cssom/MSCSSMatrix


var object = object.();

Return Value

Returns an object of type DOM Node


This method can return one of these values.

Return value Description
S_OK The operation completed successfully.


The returned matrix.

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Standards information


scaleX [in]
Type: floatThe x component (in degrees) of the scale value.
scaleY [in, optional]
Type: floatThe y component (in degrees) of the scale value. If scaleY is not defined, the y component of the scale value is the same as the x component.
scaleZ [in, optional]
Type: floatThe z component (in degrees) of the scale value. If scaleY is not defined, the value of scaleZ is 1.
retMatrix [out, retval]
Type: MSCSSMatrixThe returned matrix.

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