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mobile web

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Mobile Web

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A starting point for mobile web development, with links to resources and a collection of mobile development techniques.

General introductory articles

About mobile web - Start here to get a general history of the mobile web and what it means to support different devices with a wide range of browsing capabilities.

Detecting device and browser - The basics of browser detection for mobile devices. Smartphones usually have better detection capabilities than low cost feature phones, which may not support CSS or JavaScript. This article explains techniques commonly used on today's mobile websites.

"Mobifying" your HTML5 site - Real examples showing how to support mobile with HTML5 features.

List of all mobile web related articles

Page Summary
apis/battery status Battery Status API
apis/battery status/BatteryManager/charging charging
apis/battery status/BatteryManager/onlevelchange onlevelchange
apis/battery status/NavigatorBattery NavigatorBattery
apis/battery status/NavigatorBattery/battery battery
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/autoExposureMode autoExposureMode
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/autoWhiteBalanceMode autoWhiteBalanceMode
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/brightness brightness
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/contrast contrast
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/exposureCompensation exposureCompensation
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/imageHeight imageHeight
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/imageWidth imageWidth
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/iso iso
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/redEyeReduction redEyeReduction
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/saturation saturation
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/sharpness sharpness
apis/image capture/PhotoSettings/whiteBalanceMode whiteBalanceMode
apis/image capture/PhotoSettingsOptions PhotoSettingsOptions
apis/network information Network Information API
apis/network information/Connection/change change
apis/network information/Connection/metered metered
apis/network information/Connection/onchange onchange
apis/network information/NetworkInformation/connection connection
apis/vibration Vibration API
concepts/Detecting device and browser Detecting device and browser
concepts/Internet and Web/proxy based browsers Proxy-based browsers
concepts/mobile web/highdpi High DPI Images for Variable Pixel Densities
tutorials/appcache beginner Introduction to using the application cache
tutorials/building web games Building web games
tutorials/device orientation Using device orientation
tutorials/mobile mobifying "Mobifying" your HTML5 site
tutorials/mobile native debate HTML5 vs. Native: the mobile app debate
tutorials/mobile opt and perf HTML5 Techniques for Optimizing Mobile Performance
tutorials/mobile optimization best practices Mobile optimization best practices
tutorials/mobile touch Introduction to multi-touch Web development
tutorials/resizing html5 games Case study: Auto-resizing HTML5 games

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