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W3C Proposed Recommendation


Provides for the scope and type of access to a database, and represents a transaction on the database.


API Name Summary
db The database connection of which this transaction is a part.
error Null if the transaction is not finished, is finished and successfully committed, or was aborted with the abort() function. Returns the same DOMError as the request object which caused the transaction to be aborted due to a failed request, or a DOMError for the transaction failure not due to a failed request (such as QuotaExceededError or UnknownError).
mode The mode for isolating access to data in the object stores that are in the scope of the transaction. For possible values, see Return Value, below. The default value is readonly.
onabort The event handler for the onabort event.
oncomplete The event handler for the oncomplete event.


API Name Summary
objectStore Returns an object store that has already been added to the scope of this transaction.


No events.

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Specification Status Related Changes
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