The WebPlatform project has been discontinued when the Stewards partnership agreement ended in September 2015. This site has been frozen, and the assets we have created will remain.


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Minimal Viable Product

This table tracks the tasks we want to complete before we launch and which ones are required to create a minimal viable product (MVP). Current categories for tasks are: Content, Marketing, and Infrastructure.

Category Topic Owner Status Target Time (weeks) Note Required
Infra Wiki Setup Ryan Done Requires MediaWiki component yes
Marketing Skin Marketing taskforce. See Design yes
Content Content Migrated Content taskforce. See Content Migration. Requires MediaWiki component (some) yes
Content Content Architecture Content taskforce. See Content Architecture. yes
Content Original_Content Content taskforce. See Original Content|
Content Mobilize the MDN community to free up the content (Janet) Mozilla Get permissions from authors to migrate content from CC-BY-SA to CC-BY. Move down to content taskforce.
Infra Twitter account @webplatform Doug Done yes
Marketing Twitter policy Marketing taskforce. Will be done by marketing team yes
Infra IRC channel #webplatform Doug Done Needs to be documented where it is. yes
Infra Web client (IRC) Doug Done (no skin) Requires MediaWiki component. Needs to be documented where it is
Infra Logging bot (IRC) Doug Requires MediaWiki component
Content Community Organization Content taskforce. See Community Organization. See Art of Community yes
Content Flags Content taskforce See Page Structure Requires MediaWiki component yes
Infra Comments Doug Requires MediaWiki component yes
Content Clear URL structure Content taskforce largely done See below. yes
 ??? Easy page creation Alex See Page Structure
Infra Internationalization Doug (with support of Ryan, on behalf of W3C I18n team) We need to have a mechanism, at least a plan for it, in the beginning. Requires MediaWiki component yes
Infra Language switching Ryan Requires MediaWiki component yes
Infra Sandbox (live viewer) Lea
Infra Forums (Q2A) Doug* Requires SSO, Skin. Will this hold up the launch? Needs discussion first. yes
Content? Teaching materials Chris Moodle? Later
Infra Federated Login feature Doug* Requires MediaWiki component
Infra Required email address for accounts Doug Done Doesn't work as well as necessary. yes
Infra Single sign in (SSO) (Doug*) Case by case basis. This captures that the blog and wiki need to have their login integrated. yes
Infra Blog (Doug) Requires SSO, Skin. Requires MediaWiki component yes
Infra Email feedback account set up Doug Others: Twitter, blog, IRC, forums, comments in topics yes
Content How to use this site Lea & Doug yes
Content How to help (includes migrating MDN) Janet. (In content taskforce) yes
Content Privacy policy Wendy yes
Infra Metrics and tracking Eliot (and Doug) (Google analytics? Adobe? Piwik?) Create Wiki page with policy about collecting and sharing metrics. yes
Metrics policy Wendy yes
Infra Accessibility Chris This needs to be broken down into separate things. Like ensuring the site is accessible, and content on accessibility yes
Infra Issue tracker (bugs) Eliot Done In W3C bugzilla. See yes
Content Task-oriented Tutorials Content taskforce. Small tutorials about how to, say, center content on the web platform.
Infra CDN Doug*, Ryan Lane to do actual work. yes
Infra System backup of site Doug*, Ryan Lane to do actual work. yes
Infra Deployment script for site Doug*, Ryan Lane to do actual work. yes
Content Copyright Wendy Need to approve the terms by which people can use the content on WPD. Start with the text on the W3C Wiki. yes
 ??? Figure out list of "early preview" people Alex Ideally include people who will actually do work. Maybe give some of the people with invites a small number of invites? Have a gatekeeper of the actual signups. yes
 ??? Finalize license of web platform logo Wendy (with Alex to help)
Marketing Organize pre-launch hackathon Alex (Coordinate with Eliot) Likely on west coast yes
Marketing Organize post-announcement community engagement (and hackathon?) Peter (?) yes


These are broken out from the top-level table.

Content Migration

TOPIC Subtopic Owner Status Note
Figure out locations for all articles Chris Blocked on finalizing the URL structure. First step is to break up the list of articles to set up. Then assign people to take responsibility for each section.
Migrate test article from MSDN Doug*, work will be done by Yaron
Migrate existing articles Doug*, work will be done by Yaron
Figure out concrete MDN licensing flow New pages Janet
Merging content in Janet
SA License Janet A manual attirbution block at bottom?

Content Architecture

TOPIC Subtopic Owner Status Note
Final URL structure/ content organization Chris
Create stub articles to fill out entire hierarchy Chris
Language dropdown Doug*, work done by Yaron
Semantic mediawiki queries on listing/API summary pages to pull in all relevant attributes Alex*, work done by Yaron
Placement of stewards' pages Doug
Indicating standards track APIs Alex Just figuring out how to use tags/flags

Original Content

TOPIC Subtopic Owner Status Note
Comprehensive list of content needed Chris Based on Chris' [earlier draft of the same]. Ideally a roadmap of all the content we'll want to fill out over the years.
Home page Lea
Section header pages Chris Pages like docs/css landing page, but also sub-pages like docs/css/properties. Some of these can be somewhat auto-generated (list of sub-pages, maybe like include tutorials). Will need some templates for it.
Marketing pages Wai (marketing taskforce)
Create content for steward pages Up to each steward

Page Structure

TOPIC Subtopic Owner Status Note
Inspect MSDN/MDN content and make sure it's compatible, and how we want this site's content to end up Make page mock-ups Doug ( with help from Lea) Blocks on finalizing the list of all page types (next row). See the list of page types in the 6 rows below.
Ensure we have all page types listed on WPD:Architecture Lea, with help from Doug Make sure to review the whole content architecture. Make sure to include all page types, including ones that don't have templates.
Make templates Alex
Make import script Yaron
Figure out how to map existing content into the templates or page structure Yaron Chris figuring out where articles fit, Alex figuring out how the content fits in, and Yaron implementing
Flags Making sure we have all of the flags we need. Alex
Finalize flags. Alex
Implement flags that can take a string value as well (e.g. merge candidate) Alex
Multiple articles to display end state Simple CSS Property N/A
Complex CSS Property (CSS transforms) N/A
Guide article (Canvas) N/A
Large object: Document (lots of methods) N/A
JS object or data type: Date N/A
Regular Expressions N/A
Figure out compatibility table design How it looks CJ
How it gets populated Alex
How we maintain it Alex Just in the best practices / style guide. In the long run may want to have it automated.
Templates/Properties/Categories Alex Created based on our content organization
Create page forms for all page types. Alex Page forms should transclude short summaries about best practices for each section, with pop-up links to more detail.
"New page" experience New page experience defined Alex
New page experience defined for i18n Doug
New page experience implemented Alex

Community Organization

TOPIC Subtopic Owner Status Note
Tighten up pillars doc Alex
Strengthen the overall guide (practical counterpart to pillars) Alex, b/c he knows what this one means.
Beef up "Getting Started" guide Doug / Lea
Create style guide for code examples Eliot In progress
Finalize the Manual of Style (including sub pages) Alex
Figure out about badges and community recognition Peter Lubbers


Handled by the marketing taskforce

TOPIC Subtopic Owner Status Note
Design Attribution block final styling CJ OpenClosed
Links CJ Styling different for intra-page links, intra-wiki links, external links, and links to non-existing pages
Note callouts CJ Example
Language dropdown in header CJ OpenClosed Shows current language; allows user to select new language; also allows authenticated user to create new translation
Search Box alignment CJ Done Size and position should align with other visual elements
CSS Prefix callouts need to be styled CJ Example
Design style guide CJ File:Web-Platform-Style-Guide-web-1.pdf Provides guidlines for creating sub-properties like blog, IRC, etc.
Compatibility table styling CJ Example For an example, see css/properties/font-size
Stewards Page Design CJ Example Extensible to work for each steward, unique page for each
Landing Page Design CJ Examples
Static Page Design CJ Blog Example

Q/A Example

Styling for language tags in examples CJ Example See css/properties/font-size for an example.
Community Badges
Skin External attribution blocks use something equivalent to details/summary elements Doug*
Make sure bolding looks right on Chrome Doug*
Section editing Doug*
Username dropdown Doug* Needs down-arrow; item highlight; item should be whole area, not just text
Editorial callouts should only show for logged-in users (via CSS) Doug* This should probably be as simple as having a .editors-only { display:none} rule in the CSS file, so we can create new templates that are hidden from readers easily.
Edit / watch button colors Doug* Edit button should be strongest
Syntax highlighting of examples with prism.js Lea Will need to modify Template:Single_Example
Style the standardization flag. Doug Template:Standardization_Status