The WebPlatform project has been discontinued when the Stewards partnership agreement ended in September 2015. This site has been frozen, and the assets we have created will remain.

WPD:Key Contributors

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This page is an informal list of key contributors. Anyone who's made more than an edit or two should feel free to add themselves to this list. Feel free to fill out as many or as few of the columns as you like.

Name Username E-mail IRC Nick Organization Roles Specialties
Alex Komoroske Jkomoros -- jkomoros (sometimes you'll see me as komoroske) Google Official Steward Representative, Template Corps Member I'm mainly involved in the organization of how the templates are written and wired together, and keeping track of tasks that need to be done.
Peter Lubbers peterlubbers -- peterlubbers Google -- I'm mainly involved in the organization of community outreach and doc sprints.
Chris Mills CMills chrismills Opera / W3C Official Steward Representative, content, community, high level planning and organization I'm knee deep in content and sorting out the site's IA. Talk to me if you have questions about site content, IA, high level issues, and heavy metal.
Eliot Graff Eliot-MSFT -- Eliot Microsoft Official Steward Representative I'm involved in the overall site planning, Content Task Force, community growth, and doc sprints.
Sébastien Desbenoit Desbenoit Desbenoit ThinkInnovation -- I'm involved in the contents about design and I create some graphic design elements for the website.
Janet Swisher jswisher jswisher on and freenode; jms on mozilla Mozilla official steward representative I try to encourage openness and community building. I kibbitz about content, site structure, IA (information architecture), and a lot of other things.
Taylor Agnew Tomato -- NotTomato -- Template Corps Member I'm a volunteer administrator and moderator, sometimes I answer questions about MediaWiki. I'm involved with content and templates.
Julee Burdekin Julee Julee Adobe official steward representative Helping improve the experience for contributors and visitors.
Scott Rowe Scottrowe scottrowe Google Contributor Content, content, content.
David Kirstein Frozenice fr0zenice Batix Template Corps Member volunteer backend/frontend admin, tell me if something breaks! User:Renoirb renoirb W3C W3C Team member, Assigned to work full time as Developer and Operations engineer Contributes since Aug. 2013, volunteers whenever possible
Agustín Alvia Agustin -- -- --