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API pages needing examples

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Path Summary Modification date
apis/navigation timing/PerformanceTiming/fetchStart Returns the time immediately before the user agent starts checking any relevant application caches (if the resource is to be fetched using HTTP GET or equivalent). Otherwise, returns the time when the user agent starts fetching the resource. 7 July 2014 18:21:43
apis/timing/methods/msWriteProfilerMark 7 July 2014 17:57:36
apis/timing/methods/sample 7 July 2014 17:54:35
apis/timing/objects/FrameRequestCallback 7 July 2014 17:50:36
apis/timing/properties/domContentLoadedEventEnd Returns the time immediately after the document's DOMContentLoaded event completes. 7 July 2014 17:43:52
apis/timing/properties/performance 7 July 2014 17:36:14
apis/filesystem/Entry/isDirectory True if the Entry is a directory. 5 July 2014 15:46:00
apis/user timing/Performance/clearMarks Removes all DOMHighResTimeStamp time values for the given mark name, or removes all marks and their associated DOMHighResTimeStamp time values. 3 July 2014 18:44:07
apis/user timing/Performance/clearMeasures Removes all DOMHighResTimeStamp durations for the given measure name, or removes all measures and their associated DOMHighResTimeStamp durations. 3 July 2014 18:43:24
apis/user timing/Performance/mark Stores a timestamp with the associated name (a "mark"). 3 July 2014 18:42:26
apis/user timing/Performance/measure Stores the DOMHighResTimeStamp duration between two marks along with the associated name (a "measure"). 3 July 2014 18:41:37
apis/user timing/PerformanceMark/duration Returns a DOMHighResTimeStamp of value 0. 3 July 2014 18:39:10
apis/user timing/PerformanceMark/entryType Returns the DOMString mark. 3 July 2014 18:38:33
apis/user timing/PerformanceMark/name Returns the mark's name. 3 July 2014 18:38:00
apis/user timing/PerformanceMark/startTime Returns a DOMHighResTimeStamp with the mark's High Resolution Time time value. 3 July 2014 18:37:32
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