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Other information
MoviesTerminator, Back to the future, Star Wars, Dune, Lord of the Rings
TVContinuum, Dexter, House, Revolution
MusicChopin, Disturbed, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Nine Inch Nails, Caetano Veloso
BooksFoundation series, Stars like Dust, The Robot series
DrinksIndian Pale Ale, Stout, Mango juice
Personal information
Real nameRenoir Boulanger
LocationMontreal, Canada
BirthdayNovember 30th
OccupationDeveloper operations engineer for the WebPlatform Project
Places I have livedMontréal, Québec, Canada
About meRenoir Boulanger is is an application developer specialized in web standards. His current position is Developer operations engineer on the WebPlatform project for the W3C in the developer relations team. He has been developing websites and web applications in PHP for over ten years. His experience includes server management and web development for a few communications firms in the province of Quebec. He created web integration libraries, and participated in the development of various specialized web applications, some of which were for big-name clients such as Ericsson, Telefilm Canada, and the Union des Artistes.

Renoir's involvement with the WebPlatform Docs is about maintaining the site stability, improve site features, strengthen the infrastructure, act as a technical liaison with Open-source communities, and contribute to the success of the site.

If you have questions you can ask on IRC on the #webplatform, you might also be suggested to report report an issue in our issue tracker.

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