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Merge duplicates

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Where articles are marked as Merge Candidate the article may be a duplicate of another article, or two or more articles may be sufficiently similar in scope to be merged. If you find an article that you believe is a merge candidate, mark the flag and cite the duplicate page in the Editorial notes field.

The following criteria are applied:

  • High-level issues: Merge Candidate
Page Summary
apis/webrtc/MediaStream The MediaStream interface of the WebRTC API describes a stream of audio or video data. A MediaStream object represents a linear, potentially infinite timeline. It is not preloadable, nor is it seekable.
apis/webrtc/MediaStreamTrack A MediaStreamTrack is one of two kinds, audio or video, and represents the media source, such as a camera.
concepts/Pointer Events This document is written for web developers who have basic familiarity with HTML and JavaScript. This document should help you:
  1. Understand the end-user and web developer problems that Pointer Events address
  2. Easily add Pointer Events to an existing web page
  3. Take advantage of additional methods and attributes available in Pointer Events
  4. Find additional resources to learn more about Pointer Events
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No topic flags

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Every page should have at least one topic flag, usually more. See Topics and topic clusters so you're clear on how to use these.

The following criteria are applied:

  • High-level issues: Needs Topics
Page Summary
apis/media source extensions Provides a buffer based source for HTML5 Video elements to enable media streams for playback, for features like adaptive streaming and shifting live streams.
apis/pointerevents Pointer Events represent events and related interfaces for handling hardware agnostic pointer input from devices like a mouse, pen, or touchscreen.
apis/timing-and-performance This section documents the timing and performance-based standards supported by Windows Internet Explorer and Windows Store apps.
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Other articles needing examples

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Here are some more articles that need examples.

The following criteria are applied:

  • Topics: DOM, DOMEvents, HTML, JavaScript, MathML, SVG
  • Content quality flags: Examples Needed
Page Summary
JavaScript animation Javascript can be used to create animation effects on a web page as simple as highlighting new content in yellow and then fading it back to normal, creating transitions, or moving elements on the page (think popup windows). Creative use of techniques and tools such as common Javascript libraries allows us to create user interfaces that are unobtrusive and responsive to user behavior. We begin by using Javascript's setInterval() function to create our own animations by manipulating DOM elements' CSS properties to create effects. Later, we illustrate the use of code libraries like jQuery to create more complex animations or create simple effects more easily than using by Javascript alone.
apis/location/hostname The hostname property contains the hostname the current document was served from, excluding protocol, port, and other information.
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