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Custom information
Custom 1I play in a band called Conquest of Steel. If you like trad 80's metal, then check us out!
Other information
MoviesBlues Brothers, Brain Dead, Donnie Darko, Urotsukidoji, Avatar, Clerks, Withnail and I, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars.
TVI don't watch TV.
MusicHeavy metal, punk, prog, and anything else that has passion and isn't lame chart music.
BooksWatchmen, Transmetropolitan, Preacher, Sandman, Understanding comics, Clockwork Orange.
Video gamesBorderlands 2 is the bomb right now!
Personal information
Real nameChris Mills
LocationGreenfield, United Kingdom
HometownGreenfield, United Kingdom
BirthdayJune 27th
About meChris Mills is a web technologist, open standards evangelist and education agitator, currently splitting his time between working at Mozilla on the Mozilla Developer Network, and working on educational resources as part of his duties as a W3C Fellow.

He spends most of his time writing articles about web standards for MDN, and other publications (such as .net mag and A List Apart), giving talks at universities and industry conferences, and lobbying universities to improve their web-related courses.

He has authored two books on web design: Practical CSS3: Develop and Design and InterACT with web standards: a holistic approach to web design.

Outside work he is a heavy metal drummer, proud father of three and lover of good beer.