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Template:External Attribution Form Section

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{{{for template|External_Attribution|label=External Attribution}}} Important

  • Please read and understand WPD:External Attribution before including content from other sources or using this part of the form.
  • Do not remove any external attributions cited here. Once established, external attribution must not be removed without Administrator approval.

Is under CC-BY-SA license: {{{field|Is_CC-BY-SA|show on select=cc-by-sa-warning}}}

Warning: switching the license to CC-BY-SA is a big deal. Please read WPD:External_Attribution before proceeding.

Sources: {{{field|Sources|property=External Attribution Source|list|show on select=MDN=>mdn-link;MSDN=>msdn-link;HTML5Rocks=>html5rocks-link}}}

{{{end template}}}