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Property:Standardization Status

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This is a property that is of type String.

TODO: Add other allowed values for other standardization statuses, for example at other working groups.

The allowed values are:

  • N/A For articles that have a standardization status input but it's not actually applicable for. Hides the field.
  • Mixed For articles that are about multiple things where no one standardization status has the clear majority.
  • W3C Editor's Draft
  • W3C Working Draft
  • W3C Last Call Working Draft
  • W3C Candidate Recommendation
  • W3C Proposed Recommendation
  • W3C Recommendation
  • Deprecated For technologies that have been replaced or retracted, and are not recommended for use (but which are valuable to have for reference)
  • Non-Standard For technologies that are not yet being standardized in any formal body, don't have 2 or more compatible implementations, and likely never will
  • De Facto Standard For technologies that are not yet standardized, but have 2 or more compatible implementations (modulo prefixes)
  • Experimental For technologies that are not yet being standardized, don't have 2 or more compatible implementations, but aim to one day be a standard

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apis/audio-video/AudioTrackList/length +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrack/activeCues +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrack/kind +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrack/label +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrack/language +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrack/removeCue +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrackCue/endTime +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrackCue/line +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrackCue/pauseOnExit +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrackCue/position +W3C Editor's Draft  +
apis/audio-video/TextTrackCue/vertical +W3C Editor's Draft  +
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