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Sets or retrieves the number of times a sound or video clip will loop when activated.

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## Examples

This example uses the loop property and the src property to change the number of times a background sound loops.

function loopOnce() {
    oBGSound.loop = 1;
    oBGSound.src = oBGSound.src; // reload sound
function loopContinuously() {
    oBGSound.loop = -1;
    oBGSound.src = oBGSound.src; // reload sound
<BGSOUND id="oBGSound" src="sound.wav">
<BUTTON onclick="loopOnce()">Loop Sound Once</BUTTON>
<BUTTON onclick="loopContinuously()">Loop Sound Continuously</BUTTON>

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To restart a sound or video clip after changing its loop property, set the src property or dynsrc property to itself. For example:

oBGSound.src = oBGSound.src

The following are descriptions of how the loop property works for some boundary cases. {


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