Notice: The WebPlatform project has been discontinued when the Stewards partnership agreement ended in September 2015. This site has been frozen, and the assets we have created will remain.


There are many ways for you to get in touch with fellow community members, whether you have questions about contributing, feedback about the site itself, or just want to discuss relevant topics with like-minded individuals. Below you’ll find information on our IRC/chat channels, mailing list and Q&A.

General note on discussion topics

In general, the community is very welcoming and friendly, but we would like to gently remind you to keep your conversations on topic for the community. Relevant topics for include questions about contributing to (whether that is helping to moderate chat, write or edit articles, create or modify WPD templates, help with site graphics or styling, or general questions about writing style), feedback about aspects of, and requests for new content.

We are not a tech support line for “please help me fix my code” type questions; such questions are better suited to code-specific IRC channels, or stackoverflow.

You can find more information on discussion topics and conduct at WPD:Conduct.

Public mailing list

Our public mailing list,, is for article organization, changes to common templates or forms, soliciting feedback, and setting new norms. It’s also where we announce things like upcoming Doc Sprints (which everyone is welcome to join). You can subscribe to the list here. You do not need a W3C account to join or send messages.


Please visit our Q&A page.

This is a Q&A forum where you can post questions and get them answered by other members of the community. You can get questions voted up and down so they will appear higher or lower in the answer list depending on how popular they are, so keep discussions high quality and on topic.

Web Platform IRC Chat

We have three IRC channels available for talking about different aspects of, available on IRC:

  • #webplatform: The main channel, and the best place for general questions and discussion
  • #webplatform-site: A channel reserved for discussions about updating the site, for example modifying styles and templates or creating new functionality
  • #webplatform-offtopic: A channel specifically created for any off topic discussion that arises

To join the live chat, you first need to download an IRC client, such as

More can be found via Wikipedia as well.

Next, join one of the above IRC channels using the following details:

  • Server: Freenode (
  • Channel: #webplatform, #webplatform-site, or #webplatform-offtopic
  • URL to join a channel: irc: //[chosen chatroom name], for example irc://

We will be providing a Web-based chat client in the future.