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A Quick Start to adding your contributions to Web


This article provides quick access to important Content to give you the “lay of the land” to start contributing as quickly as possible… — Your Web, documented

We are an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. Anyone can contribute and each person who does makes us stronger. Together we can continue to drive innovation on the Web to serve the greater good. It starts here, with you.

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Getting Started - WebPlatform Docs

Anyone can contribute to WPD. To get started, you’ll first need to register and verify your email address. There are many ways to contribute that take varying amounts of time and expertise. Often it’s best to start with the simplest, fastest tasks and progress upwards from there as you gain expertise and experience. You can make meaningful contributions whether you have five minutes, half an hour, or half a day.

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Most Wanted Tasks - WebPlatform Docs

A quick list of things that could be done around the site.

Here is a great quick list of specific things that could be done around the site. They are organized by the timeframe into which they fit according to the Getting Started Guide. If you see something you want to take up, just do it and then please be neat and remove it from the list once you are finished.

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New Page - WebPlatform Docs

Follow the steps below as you create new content pages. (Content pages are pages that live in the default namespace.) If your page is not a content page (for example, it lives in the WPD: namespace), just visit the URL you would like to exist and hit the ‘Create’ tab.

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Policy/Pillars - WebPlatform Docs

This document lists a small number of principles intended to guide the development and maintenance of the Web developer center. This is a living document that the community will develop over time. Because it expresses a small number of abstract guiding principles, it is expected to evolve slowly and only with the consensus of the community. The specific tactical details that describe how the community currently implement these ideals are covered in the management document.

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Help:Formatting - MediaWiki

You can format your text by using wiki markup. This consists of normal characters like asterisks, single quotes or equal signs which have a special function in the wiki, sometimes depending on their position. For example, to format a word in italic, you include it in two pairs of single quotes like this.

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FAQ - WebPlatform Docs

General info that might head off your questions…

Filing bugs

If you find an issue related to the content of the site (e.g. an article is incorrect or missing), you have a few choices:

Fix it yourself.

Learn how to contribute. If you find a fairly trivial fix, such as a typo, bad grammar, broken example, or obvious incorrect piece of data, please fix it yourself. You can probably fix it quicker than you could file a bug about it!

Add a comment.

To add a comment, hover your mouse over the relevant section heading and click Add Comment. This is useful for more serious content issues that you aren’t sure how to solve. Leaving a comment on a page helps us more easily track down exactly what needs to be fixed.

Add a flag.

Flags visually mark pages that are suffering from common issues, such as being incomplete or incorrect. See Using Flags for details.

File a bug.

Do this only if it is not something that is covered by the three options above. See below for how to file a bug, if appropriate. Again, please don’t file bugs concerning problems that you can fix yourself.

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