Notice: The WebPlatform project has been discontinued when the Stewards partnership agreement ended in September 2015. This site has been frozen, and the assets we have created will remain.


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What Questions Can I Ask on the Q&A Forums?

While we are focusing on improving the documentation and infrastructure of Web Platform Docs, we are asking people to focus their questions on issues related to the site itself, and not to post general on web development and design… or at least, not to expect much responsiveness on such questions. We are largely a volunteer-run site, and our time and attention is somewhat limited to making Web Platform Docs a solid and dependable source of information. Questions about will help us refine the site, and make it just what the community needs.

Over time, as the site becomes more complete, we expect to have a larger active community, and more time and resources to help with web development and design questions, as well as issues of standardization.

And of course, Stack Overflow is an existing site with similar functionality, and a knowledgeable, helpful, and active community, with a huge base of high-quality questions and answers.

Why did you use Question2Answer instead of partnering with StackExchange?

We are only using open source software for this project. Therefore, we couldn’t use StackExchange, because it’s not open source.

Question2Answer seems like it has a large community and frequent and recent updates – a good sign of life.

StackOverflow, and the StackExchange network at large, have great communities. We aren’t trying to undermine that; we’re just trying to provide our community with a way to ask questions and provide answers about the site and about general web development within this community.

Why is my username Capitalized?

The technology behind the single-sign-on system uses MediaWiki’s user accounts for authentication. This means that usernames are subject to MediaWiki’s naming conventions. Specifically, "titles cannot begin with a lower case letter".

How do Points Work?

Currently Points are just a score. They are only a matter of prestige and do not grant any additional privileges. You earn points by completing actions on the Q&A sites. Here are the point values for each action:

  • Posting a question: 20 points
  • Selecting an answer to your question: 30 points
  • Per up vote on question: 10 points (limit 10 up votes)
  • Per down vote on question: -10 points (limit 3 down votes)
  • Posting an answer: 40 points
  • Answer selected as best: 300 points
  • Per up vote on answer: 20 points (limit 20 up votes)
  • Per down vote on answer: -20 points (limit 5 down votes)
  • Up or down voting a question or answer: 10 points
  • Registered account: 100 points

As the site matures, we may integrate these points into a site-wide karma score… in which case, we may adjust the values of different actions accordingly.