Notice: The WebPlatform project has been discontinued when the Stewards partnership agreement ended in September 2015. This site has been frozen, and the assets we have created will remain.

WPD:Doc Sprints

We have ongoing documentation sprints to work on integrating the content on the site. There are many benefits to getting people together in physically for this sort of work, both for effective collaboration and for community-building.


See (and probably “watch”) the Community Events page.


A virtual sprint can be organized on fairly short notice–participants just need to commit and clear their schedules. An in-person sprint requires more lead time and logistics. We’re working on extending this document to a Web Platform Doc Sprint in-a-Box document for more information on how to organize an in-person Doc Sprint.

Planning Guide

Janet Swisher started a Doc Sprint planning guide.

There is also the FLOSS Manuals Book Sprints book; it’s only available in draft form, because Adam Hyde considers it out of date with regard to his current philosophy on book sprints, but it should be helpful as far as the practical issues.

Organizer Roles

There should be at least two roles for organizers in a sprint: one person to organize the logistics, and another to facilitate the content effort. A single person doing both is too draining.

Logistics Organizer

This person should manage the budget and funding, find a location, identify participants, arrange meals, and so on.

Content Facilitator

This person should facilitate the content effort by guiding the creation and review of different materials, and encouraging collaboration between participants.

Recommended Facilitators

Janet recommend Adam Hyde of FLOSS Manuals, as he has more experience at this than really anybody. (even though we won’t be using FLOSS Manuals site or producing a “book” per se). Contact Janet for an introduction to Adam.


We want at best one representative from each steward organization, along with community volunteers; otherwise, we risk filling the room with stewards and excluding community.


Doc Sprint dashboard: There is a dashboard available that helps to monitor Doc Sprint results and inspires people to keep the momentum over the event. It fetches the Media Wiki API for latest changes and narrows down the data based on a given list of usernames (== Doc Sprint participants) and timeframe, which is then visualized in configurably graphs and leaderboards. Grab the code here:

Doc Sprint slide template: We have uploaded the presentation slides used at the Berlin Doc Sprint in February 2013, for you to reuse or base your own presentations on: